CREATER SPACE | ZhongShan Park

Project Intro

The project is a high-tech business park established by the Shanghai institution of microsystem and information technology in Chinese academy of sciences,Shanghai changning district technology innovation service center and CREATER. By carefully remade over the years, it has founded a sound industrial cultivation system in operation with set of resources, services, information and business incubators base.

Shared Space

  • Recording Studio

Commuity Service

  • Non-motorized vehicle parking
Private Office:¥5 +/㎡/day
Project Size:5000㎡

Wu Gaolei

Community GM


CREATER SPACE | ZhongShan Park

Project Address:
No.855 Chang Ning Rd, Changning District, Shanghai

Metro Line 2/Line3/Line4 ZhongshanPark Station,around 5-mins walk distance


This project is located in the core business district in Shanghai - south Bund area which used to be Shanghai grease factory. After years of protective development, it has become a new city landmark in creative leisure industry. Since opening in 2007, it has awarded national AAA level scenic spots, Shanghai top 10 creative industrial park, Shanghai industrial tourism attractions etc.
Located in Weining Rd Community of Changning District, CREATER SPACE | SGG is cooperated with SGG which is a fashion giant in Shanghai. This project combines Hot Desk Area with Event Showroom and Fabric Library to make a collection for whole fashion industry.
Committed to implant the art into the streets of Shanghai, Yuyuan Road public market which integrates the functions of convenience and life, using the organic integration of space transformation, artistic creation and community interaction to present, describe and deliver a more emotional community history, urban spirit and humanistic care. For the first time, the “Shu Shanghai Community Art Museum”, which was jointly established by Liu Haisu Art Museum and architect ZhangHaiao has become a highlight of the project. Now this worldly art space is going to be the first example of the “Community Construction Plan”.
NICE 2035×CREATER is a “Innovation,entrepreneurial, creativity” three-creative community created for year 2035. It is committed to creating a 15-minute daily life community complex through the “in, for, with, by” innovation mode. Provide one-stop life service for all ages, dynamic and open communication space, safe and comfortable street travel, diverse, affordable housing, employment, entrepreneurship and learning environment.